St. Joseph's

Roman Catholic Parish
Newton Abbot

First Holy Communion 2020

Living Bread

Preparation to receive First Reconciliation and Holy Communion

Each year St Joseph’s Parish offers children, around the age of eight years and above, an opportunity to prepare to receive Reconciliation and Holy Communion, the Eucharist, ‘the source and summit of the Christian life’, to which the ‘other sacraments, and indeed all ecclesiastical ministries and works of the apostolate’, are oriented.’

There will be a celebration of First Holy Communion on Trinity Sunday, 7th June 2020. If you would like to know more about this, for yourself or for your child, please contact the parish office on or phone 01626 365231 for further information and Application Forms.

There will be an introductory meeting on Sunday September 15th, after the 10.30 Mass and preparation sessions begin on Sunday September 22nd, after 10.30 Mass. A full programme of events leading to the celebration will be given out at the meeting and available on the web site from that date.


Sunday September 15, 2019 Introductory Meeting Journey Towards Reconciliation:
Sunday September 22 Session 1 Baptism
Sunday October 6 Session 2 The Call to Become a Disciple
Sunday October 20 Session 3 We Pray with Jesus
Sunday November 3 Session 4/5 We Love like Jesus/We Obey like Jesus
Sunday November 17 Session 6 The Paralysed Man
Sunday December 1 Session 7 Jesus, the Good Shepherd
Sunday December 15 Session 8 The Priest, Servant of God’s Mercy
Sunday January 5, 2020 Session 9/10 “My Conscience, a Guide for My Life/The Parable of Mercy”
Saturday January 18 Reconciliation - to be confirmed  
    Journey Towards the Eucharist:
Saturday January 19 Session 1 Jesus Word of Life
Sunday February 2 Session 2 Jesus Multiplies the Bread
Sunday February 16 Session 3 Jesus Announces the Eucharist
Sunday March 1 Session 4 Jesus Gives Himself at the Last Supper
Sunday March 15 Session 5 The Passing on of The Eucharist
Sunday March 29 Session 6 The People of God Celebrate
Sunday April 19 Session 7 The Mass: Liturgy of the Word
Sunday May 3 Session 8 The Mass: Liturgy of the Eucharist
Sunday May 17 Session 9 Welcoming Jesus like Zacchaeus
Sunday May 31 Session 10 Jesus Walks With Us
Sunday June 7 First Holy Communion  
Sunday June 21 Session 11 United with Jesus for the Church
Sunday July 5 Session 12 Celebration:Mary, Mother of the Bread of Life